King's Quest II SCI

King's Quest II AGI in 1985 King's Quest II VGA in 2002 King's Quest II SCI now

The original King's Quest II Romancing the Throne was made in 1985 by Sierra On-Line using the AGI engine. It was an exceptional example of what the AGI engine's 16-colour graphics ability was capable of, but some felt it wasn't enough and wanted to see it updated so King's Quest II VGA was created in 2002 by Anonymous Game Developers Interactive using the AGS engine. It featured beautifully handpainted and computer edited high-colour graphics that rivaled Sierra's own VGA adventures. With enhanced storyline and Sierra trademark interactive cursour interface it made the game more acceptable to many people and millions were allowed to relive the classic once more. Yet still others thought that this approach was too much. The lack of a parser interpreter was maddening to some and still others weren't impressed with the new storyline or just missed the simplicity of the old one. . .

Now, using SCI Companion (an SCI adventure game all-in-one creation tool inspired by Brian Provinciano's SCI Studio) the attempt is being made to recreate King's Quest II once more with Sierra's own SCI engine! Complete with dithered 16-colour graphics, parser interpreter, mouse interface, and a brand new musical score created especially for the Roland MT-32 MIDI module, just like Sierra's old SCI games! (ie: King's Quest 4, King's Quest 1 Remake, Police Quest 2, Colonel's Bequest, Codename: Iceman, Space Quest 3, etc) The MT-32 score will be posted on this website after the game's release in MP3 and Vorbis OGG formats for the listening pleasure of those that do not own an MT-32, but you will not be able to use it as a digital music pack add-on for the game. However, you will still be able to hear the soundtrack in-game with Adlib/Sound Blaster or compatible support.

No release date has been set as this game is being made in the absolute spare time of all members involved! At the moment, however, the number of members involved are only one, namely, myself. I would appreciate any help anybody could give me in the areas of programming, background art, and animations if you'd like to lend a hand. Just send me an email at if you'd like to join, ask questions, or even comment on the work being done. Also, if Sierra should ask that I cease production on this remake I will respect their wishes and stop all progress. In that worst case scenario, I'll move on to working on my own game of some sort. This game is intended to gain skill in the areas of adventure game making so that I can move on and do better original things.

Don't forget to check back for updates!

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