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King's Quest III Background Remake

Right now the only background I've made is this scene from Sierra's King's Quest III - To Heir Is Human. It's a little blurry, there are missing shadows and there's not really any room for a player to walk around the rocks on that pathway. It's not perfect but satisfying, seeing as it's my first ever background remake. It was made using PhotoShop 7. In the future I may put up a tutorial showing how I made it in detail, but for now here's the before and after pictures for you to gawk at. This also doesn't mean that I'm working on a KQ3VGA remake project of my own, I just do it for fun so I can get better and hopefully create backgrounds for my own adventure games someday.

Click on the finished image to view the high-resolution version before it was scaled down to 320x190 resolution.

Also, here's a version of my KQ3 background as transferred to 16-colour EGA using SCI Companion's SCI0 image converter by Troflip of the SCI programming community. Not made for any other reason other than to demonstrate SCI Companion's graphical ability if you want to make an SCI adventure game and are not good at creating SCI's vector backgrounds.

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