Symphony In The Sand - A Christmas Play Soundtrack

Symphony In The Sand is based on the book of the same name (details). When my father (Mike Blume) was the assistant pastor of the United Penticostal Church in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, he organized a christmas play based on Symphony In The Sand and asked me to write an original soundtrack for the background. I began composing the soundtrack, but the production never got off the ground because there wasn't enough people that were available to act for it. I created themes for most of the play up to scene 12 (which is unfinished as of yet). In the near future I plan to go back and redesign the entire soundtrack from scratch and release it as a sort of tribute album to the original book. For now here are the original tracks untouched for your enjoyment! They were written in a more ambient/background format for the play so it might not make much sense without reading the script, which you can download below.


OGG: Quality 2.00 (96 kbps nominal bitrate)

1-Once In Every Universe - OGG -
2-The Great Convergence - OGG -
3-Mary's Prayer - OGG -
4-Mary and Joseph - OGG -
5-The Plan For Salvation - OGG -
6-The Lie - OGG -
7-Window to a Little World - OGG -
8-Ancient Transgression - OGG -
9-The Lie Continues - OGG -
10-Devil's Cloak - OGG -
11-Trial of Pain (Part 1) - OGG -
12-Trial of Pain (Part 2) - OGG -
13-The Lie's Intricacy (Part 1) - OGG -
14-The Lie's Intricacy (Part 2) - OGG -
15-The Lie Spreads (Unfinished Track) - OGG -

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