PRISMS - Portraits in Synthesis

Back in 1986, Maranatha Music released an album entitled "Prisms - Portraits In Synthesis", created by Jeffrey Lams and John Andrew Schreiner. It was a collection of old Christian hymns recomposed in electronic synth form much like the music of Jean Michel Jarre or Vangelis. I grew up with this album as a child and listened to it every chance I had, but after a long period of time it ended up lost somewhere in the vast jungle of items that was our house. Years and years later I found it again and was overjoyed. Listening to it again was very nostalgic for me, but the quality from the old cassette tape wasn't the best thing in the world. I looked and looked for information on the internet as well as ebay about where I could find this album once again on CD or LP or record or anything! Alas I found nothing. The Maranatha Music website itself has absolutely no information on it whatsoever.

To prevent such a great collection of excellent electronic music from disappearing, I decided to take the cassette tape I owned and convert it over to my computer so I could at least listen to it the way it was now without getting any worse than it already was. With a little EQ enhancements it sounded pretty good to listen to with only a slight annoying cassette hiss and the very odd wrinkled-tape sound distorting the audio. Other than that it was quite enjoyable. I decided to release it on my website so that others could enjoy and appreciate the effort that went into composing this album as it is truly a work of art.

I released my cassette recordings on this website for all to enjoy until a good man named Michael Bishop (whom I am eternally grateful to) contacted me saying that he had found the CD on eBay (where I searched and searched previously) and had bought it. He offered to send me the cover artwork and the high quality tracks in Apple Lossless format. I decoded them as raw WAV files and encoded them as 4.00 quality OGG Vorbis files. So here it is for free download at no charge for you to enjoy!

A little note, however, if Maranatha Music approaches me and asks me to remove it than I will do so. The only reason I'm offering this for free is because Maranatha apparently doesn't support the album anymore and I think it deserves to be remembered and enjoyed by all!

OGG: Quality 4.00 (128 kbps nominal bitrate)

1-A Shield About Me - OGG -
2-Behold Bless Ye The Lord - OGG -
3-How Great Thou Art - OGG -
4-Fairest Lord Jesus - OGG -
5-Love Love - Sing Hallelujah - OGG -
6-I Love You Lord - OGG -
7-Lord Be Glorified - Spirit Song - OGG -
8-O Come All Ye Faithful - OGG -

All music copyright © 1986 Maranatha! Music.

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