Tr3s Lunas II - The Music Of Music VR

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by Hans Claesson
edited by Brandon Blume

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by Mige Iranzo

In the beginning, Mike Oldfield released a revolutionary and original 3D game for PC (Macintosh computers were unsupported) in 2002 entitled Music VR in which you explore strange 3D atmospheres and locations and interact with creatures and characters of all shapes and sizes in a quest to find and collect 7 golden rings in an attempt to make the desert grow while experiencing a brilliant collage of breathtaking music and beautiful visual graphics along the way. Shortly thereafter he released a soundtrack of the game called Tr3s Lunas which contained the full game on a separate CD.

The soundtrack fell short, however, as it did not contain all of the music that was found in the game. In an effort to please those who didn't had a Windows OS-based computer or no computer at all, several individuals extracted the extra musical pieces that were used for the game and put together mixes of all the different themes from Music VR that weren't on Mike's Tr3s Lunas album and created new albums for the fans' enjoyment. Among the many brilliant collages of MVR music created and released via the internet, two of the biggest highlights were Marcus Junglas' "Return to the Origin" (which can be found here, and also a CUE sheet to separate the one long track into many here) and my own "Tr3s Lunas II".

Since their release, Return To The Origin, Tr3s Lunas II, and other MVR fan-mixes have given many Mike Oldfield and Music VR fans alike (including myself) hours of enjoyment. If you're a Mike Oldfield fan and haven't played Music VR or would just like to listen to the music without playing the game, then I give you Tr3s Lunas II as a free download. You won't be dissapointed!

MP3: 256 kbps
OGG: Quality 3.00 (112 kbps nominal bitrate)

1-The Earth Spirit MP3 - OGG
2-Spirit Dance MP3 - OGG
3-Snow Cavern Flight MP3 - OGG
4-Redwings MP3 - OGG
5-Sprites MP3 - OGG
6-Solar System MP3 - OGG
7-Requiem Of The Sky MP3 - OGG
8-Moonlight Stroll MP3 - OGG
9-Lunar Jam MP3 - OGG
10-Joy Ride MP3 - OGG
11-Thou Art In Heaven II MP3 - OGG
12-The Origin MP3 - OGG
13-The Journey MP3 - OGG
14-Landing MP3 - OGG
15-Underwater Castle MP3 - OGG
16-Butterflies MP3 - OGG
17-Rebirth Tunnel MP3 - OGG

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